Discover Your CX Personality!

Do you excel at being rational and open minded or are you more of a skilled conversationalist? Are you hard working and precise, or more spontaneous and resourceful? Take this 8-question quiz to find out!

While no one personality type is better than the other, each one comes with it’s own strengths and weaknesses. By taking this quiz, you can identify the strengths that drive your growth and zoom in on the weaknesses that could use some work. Fix up those vulnerabilities, and you’ll be on your way to providing the ideal customer experience in no time.

Imagine you work as a salesperson in a jewelry shop and a customer approaches you for an engagement ring. What is the first thing you say?
What is your price range? Do you know which stone you are looking for?
What is your significant other's name? Can you tell me a little more about him or her?
Here are 4, very different rings - if you like any, I can show you other similar options.
What does your dream ring look like? Don't worry about prices - I can offer you a great discount. Let's find you the best product.

After a botched product launch, several customers send your company email complaints about malfunctioning features. How do you handle the situation?
Sort the complaints into categories and come up with a standard procedure for each.
Call each customer to understand their issues and address solutions in a followup email.
Take their names and issues and follow up in the order they were received.
Approach each situation individually and communicate with each customer one on one.

You work as a rep in a call center. A customer provides qualitative feedback via email to improve your product or service. What do you do?
Elevate the comments if 5 or more customers agree.
Contact the customer directly to see if you can improve their personal experience with your company.
Systematically elevate each concern to the appropriate department.
Write up a detailed report with your personal recommendations for each point and send it to department heads. Then, give the customer a steep discount for their next purchase.

Which of the following companies do you most admire as a consumer?

You are expected at an important meeting across the country by morning and your flight is canceled. How do you expect the airline to compensate?
Send you an email with an apology and a partial refund
Call or email you personally with personalized compensation options
Send you an email with an apology and a promise for better future service
Fully refund your payment and provide a voucher for your next trip

Your direct report proposes a customer outreach idea that you think is overreaching and likely to fail. How do you handle the situation?
Come up with alternatives and present them to the team without negating any part of the original idea.
Consider the idea a possibility, but come up with others based on feedback from the rest of the team.
Explain the negatives and encourage the team to keep thinking of ideas.
Try it - if it doesn't work, you can always improve the plan as you go.

What would your boss call your greatest weakness at an annual review?
You occasionally appear aloof or out of touch with your customers.
You have trouble making your own decisions quickly.
You rarely present your own, new ideas.
You work too far outside the box.

A new study is released, citing a new technology as the pinnacle of achieving the best CX. Your reaction?
"We should research other studies and/or expert opinions to see if this information is corroborated before making any major changes."
"We should have a waiting period for research while we observe other companies using this new technology and judge their success."
"New tech has too many bugs. We should wait until the market has fully accepted it."
"There is no time to waste. If we become early adopters, we can quickly establish ourselves as experts."