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SaleMove enables companies to communicate with customers in a myriad of ways. For basic communication we offer live chat, but companies can see more value when they move beyond chat to our audio and video options - creating higher-touch, more personalized conversations that lead to increased conversions and improved customer experience.

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Live Chat

Increase Efficiency with Lightning Messages
Leverage a library of canned responses to decrease agent effort during chat sessions.

Improve Chat Quality with OmniGuide
Deliver a more consistent chat experience, while improving agent intelligence with OmniGuide, our AI-powered agent-side chat bot.

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The Power of Voice without the Phone
Upgrade chat conversations to audio conversations with a single click to create more efficient interactions without the need to switch channels.

From Phone Call to Online Engagement
Add a visual element to inbound phone calls with OmniCall, our revolutionary technology that marries inbound calls to their accompanying website browsing session.

Never Put Your Customers on Hold
For the rare times when your agents aren’t available, SaleMove enables customers to provide a callback number.

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Put a Face to a Name
With SaleMove your agents can be front and center, building rapport and gaining the trust of your customers through 1-way or 2-way video.

Face-to-Face Conversations...Online
SaleMove enables full high-definition 2-way video ensuring nothing is lost in translation during important conversations with your customers.

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