Empower Your Agents with AI

A New Way to Leverage AI

OmniGuide represents a new way to integrate AI in your contact center. Using a best-in-class AI engine and Machine Learning, OmniGuide provides agents with suggested answers or prompts to customer chat engagements - all in real-time. This AI-assisted human approach creates a more consistent and efficient experience for your customers, while creating a higher-quality support staff for your company.

SaleMove Machine Learning AI

Real-Time Assistance

OmniGuide’s powerful AI scans customer chat sessions in real-time and presents suggested answers or prompts to company agents immediately, which can then be quickly accepted, discarded, or modified.

Real-time assistance

Improve Efficiency & Consistency

With OmniGuide’s suggestions and prompts, customers will receive consistent answers to their queries, regardless of which agent is assisting them. This provides customers with faster resolution times and an overall better experience.

OmniGuide consistent customer experience
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Chatbots: From Hypothetical to Reality

You will learn about the current state of conversational bots and discover a practical way for your company to leverage and grow into the new technology responsibly, without sacrificing the customer experience.


A Responsible Way to Transition to AI

Only OmniGuide helps companies move from full-human to full-AI chat without sacrificing the customer experience. The key is leveraging AI to first assist human chat agents, then using your chat agents to assist the AI.

Transition to AI with OmniGuide

Faster On-Boarding

With OmniGuide’s machine learning capabilities and powerful AI engine, companies can get new chat agents up and running faster than ever. Suggested answers and prompts serve as an ever-present supervisor - ensuring consistency and accuracy in customer support.

AI helps on-boarding and consistency

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