Move from “tell” to “show & tell”

SaleMove allows companies to move from “tell” to “show & tell”. With our award-winning CoBrowsing technology, your agents can become true partners with your customers - providing real-time visual guidance to close more deals or resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Make “How May I Help You?” a Thing of the Past

Using CoBrowsing’s Live Observation mode, you’ll have immediate visual insight into a customer’s current browsing session - providing invaluable context and a glimpse into customer issues before they tell you.

Easily Lend a Helping Hand

With 1-click dual-cursor CoBrowsing, your agents can take an active role in providing a highly-personalized guided approach to customer support - whether assisting in form completions or just giving live product tours.

Add CoBrowsing to Your Existing Tools

For companies who already have existing contact center or CRM technology in place, but want to add CoBrowsing, SaleMove offers OmniBrowse. With OmniBrowse, Salemove’s revolutionary CoBrowsing can live natively within 3rd-party or proprietary software solutions.

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A True OmniChannel Engagement Solution

Quickly and easily begin customer engagements from other digital channels besides your website with SaleMove Hotlinks. Hotlinks can be embedded within emails, social media posts, or private messages and when clicked, can trigger chat, video, or audio engagements.

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