SaleMove for Insurance

From choosing the right policy to filing claims, your online insurance customers continuously encounter complexity. With technology poised to shake up the insurance industry, it’s time to take your digital strategy to the next level by offering the smoothest possible online customer experience with SaleMove.

As insurers transition towards a more “digital first” business model, they leverage SaleMove to consistently provide superior experiences for online customers.


Walk Customers From Quote to Purchase

Empower your agents to guide customers through their policy options with SaleMove’s dual-cursor, collaborative CoBrowsing experience.

Personalize Your Customer Experience

Integrate your custom data to notify your agents when high-value visitors are actively shopping for policies.

Streamline Customer Resolutions

Pair your phone calls with browsing sessions and provide your contact center agents with a real-time view of your customers’ sessions with OmniCall (patent pending).

Serve Tomorrow’s Policyholder Today

Transport your customers to the forefront of online service with SaleMove’s innovative engagement platform.

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