SaleMove for Jewelry

Your online customers engage with you across numerous channels today. Their experience online should mirror their in-person experience. Build equity and trust with customers as they browse your selection of diamond earrings, gold bracelets, or luxury timepieces. With SaleMove’s communication platform, you have the ability to engage, educate, and advise online customers, providing the quality of an in-person customer experience.

Create the most compelling alternative to buying jewelry and watches in-person by modernizing your digital store. SaleMove increases transparency, allowing you to build trust and demonstrate authenticity to improve your online customer experience.


Observe Your Customers The Moment They Enter Your Store

“Watch” shoppers "walk" around your site to understand their preferences as they click, scroll, type and interact with items. SaleMove empowers you to identify customers that would most benefit from direct engagement.

Showcase Your Items On Camera

SaleMove allows you to showcase products on camera and focus on as many details as necessary to accurately represent the pieces unique features.

Build Deep Connections with your Customers

Today’s customers expect a consistent conversation between the experiences that they have in stores and the experiences they have online. SaleMove helps you meet this expectation by developing deeper relationships using voice and video to communicate with your customers.

Increase Online Sales And Average Order Value

SaleMove partners who use CoBrowsing with Chat see a 70% increase in conversion (and that increase becomes 140% when upgrading Chat to Video) Video.

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