Complete OmniChannel Engagement Solution

The Platform for Customer Engagement

OmniCore, SaleMove’s full-featured engagement platform provides a seamless, secure, and scalable experience for both companies and their customers. Through only a single line of code, SaleMove enables companies to identify high-value website visitors, communicate through chat, video, or audio, and provide personalized guidance through best-in-class CoBrowsing.

One button

Simple unobtrusive engagement button offers an easy way to communicate with company agents through video, audio, or chat.

No downloads

The engagement area opens in the same browsing window without any download or installation, allowing customers to continue browsing while communicating.

Live Video Chat

Customers can choose to leverage 2-way video or 1-way video, for those who wish to remain off-camera.

Best-in-Class CoBrowsing

Leverage dual-cursor collaborative browsing to help navigate your customers to resolution more quickly and efficiently.

Real-time view

View a real-time list of your current website visitors and sort or filter by value, engagement, or other data metrics.

Chat experience

Have a more consistent chat experience by leveraging canned responses, or take your chat to the next level with recommended answers provided by OmniGuide, our machine-learning AI bot.

Live observation

Enter Live Observation mode by selecting a website visitor and begin seeing their current site browsing session.

Chat to video or audio

Elevate your customer engagement by moving from chat to video or audio - all with a single click.


Offer a better customer experience by participating in your customer’s web browsing session with dual-cursor CoBrowsing.

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