SaleMove for Retail

Innovative online retailers are always looking to create tailored connections with their customers. SaleMove’s eCommerce solution helps you deliver powerful shopping experiences by engaging with your customers just as if they walked into a store. Give  your online store compelling differentiation and build long-lasting loyalty.

Providing an impactful customer experience and catering to the needs of discerning clientele was previously only possible in-store. With SaleMove, retailers now provide the same in-person customer experience online while customers enjoy shopping from the comfort of their home or office.


Never Miss Your Best Customers

Automatically monitor all your online visitors and engage with those exhibiting purchasing behaviors by using customizable triggers based on cart size, location, time on site, and more.

Increase Consumer Confidence and Clarity

Provide your customers more clarity and confidence by upgrading to voice or video, allowing you to dive deeper and increase conversions.

Personalize Your Online Customer Loyalty Program

Seamlessly integrate your existing CRM or ERP to reward your most loyal customers the moment they begin browsing your site.

Hold Your Customer's Hand

Give your online customers a “walking” tour of your website and showcase products with dual-cursor guided CoBrowsing.

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