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Bringing the In-Branch Experience Online

SaleMove is ushering in a new era of innovation for the financial sector by bringing the trust of a face-to-face interaction to your online banking experience. From checking account activations to mortgage loan applications, SaleMove’s bank clients see an increase in customer loyalty across the board.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Foster stronger customer loyalty by providing your bank customers with a truly personal “face-to-face” online relationship made possible by SaleMove

SaleMove face-to-face conversations

Decrease Resolution Times

Recreate the “in and out” physical branch experience online with high-touch one-to-one video engagements on your website.

high-touch one-to-one video engagements

Streamline Account Openings

Proactively assist online website visitors through an application process using CoBrowsing and increase conversions through conversation.

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