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Bringing Hospitality & Travel Online

Booking travel online isn’t always ideal. For most, travel isn’t so straightforward. Numerous questions about flights, hotels, and attractions surface during the planning phase and advice from experts is often preferred.
SaleMove enables the in-person travel agency customer experience online. Quickly and easily speak to an expert online and have them guide you through complex actions, such as booking a flight or choosing a hotel.

Support When You Need It

SaleMove enables companies to connect customers with experts across a variety of channels - ensuring the right level of support for every customer query.

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Enabling Loyalty Programs Online

With SaleMove, you’ll be able to alert your agents when your most loyal customers are online - enabling platinum level support across web, audio, or video chats.

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An Online Tour Guide

Leverage CoBrowsing to guide your customers through complex travel itineraries and show them various travel and accommodations options in real-time.

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