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SaleMove enables companies to acquire more leads and increase online conversions. Through the SaleMove Engagement Platform, companies are able to identify high-value website visitors, react to inbound communication requests, or proactively reach out via live chat, video, or audio. When coupled with our powerful Observation and CoBrowsing, companies can arm their agents with valuable visual context and offer personalized assisted browsing to better aid customers.

Intelligently Target Customers

Leverage business logic to reach out to customers who are ready to buy using Overseer, SaleMove’s proprietary business logic AI.

Browser target visitors with Overseer and business logic AI

Speak Your Customer’s Language

Effectively communicate with your customers in the medium they prefer. Start with live chat, then switch your conversation to audio or video.

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Lend a Helping Hand

With SaleMove’s award-winning CoBrowsing, your agents can provide a real-time guided experience on your website for customers needing a little extra help.

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SaleMove Case Study Top Bank Increase Conversion by +400%
SALES case study

How SaleMove helped increase conversion 440%

Discover how a major US insurance company leveraged SaleMove to improve its online customer experience.


Moving Beyond Chat

Close More Deals with Higher-Touch Engagements

Companies leveraging rich media communications like audio, video, and CoBrowsing consistently convert more website visitors than companies relying only on chat.

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