SaleMove for Customer Support

Provide more personal support through contextual service

SaleMove enables companies to better support their customers by injecting more context into the conversation. Through live observation and CoBrowsing, agents are able to see the issues customers are dealing with in real-time - allowing them to provide more personalized service and efficient resolution.

See Customer Issues in Real-time

Live observation and CoBrowsing allow your agents to have greater insight into customer issues and the ability to resolve issues remotely in real-time.

Seamless Channel Switching

SaleMove allows agents to easily switch between chat, video, and audio communications with customers - reducing customer effort and ensuring increased customer satisfaction.

Receive Immediate Customer Satisfaction Feedback

For companies who value NPS or Customer Satisfaction, SaleMove allows for immediate customer surveying at the conclusion of every engagement.

Support case study

Global Insurer Decreases Service Interaction Time by 25%

Delivering a positive experience is the key to creating loyal customers. Discover how one global insurer leveraged SaleMove to  increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Want to Increase Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction?

Discover how SaleMove can help turn your company's contact center from a cost center to a revenue generator.

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