SaleMove for banking

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, banking customers expect a superior online customer experience. As the industry shifts from a brick and mortar standard toward an omnichannel strategy, SaleMove is the engagement platform for the most innovative banks.

SaleMove is ushering in a new era of innovation for the financial sector by bringing the trust of a face-to-face interaction to your online banking experience. From checking account activations to mortgage loan applications, SaleMove’s bank clients see an increase in customer loyalty across the board.


Boost Customer Loyalty

Create greater customer loyalty by engaging your bank customers with a superior online experience. SaleMove provides this superior experience through rich media engagement using video and voice chat.

Decrease Resolution Times

Reproduce the “in and out” branch experience online via robust one-to-one engagements.

Streamline Account Openings

Proactively assist online visitors through the application process using shared browsing. This live guided interaction recreates the experience of working with your clients when they visit your office.

Become Truly “Real Time”

Provide today’s on-demand customers the ability to instantly engage with your relationship bankers online.

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