BluePrint Team

To maximize results and ensure an optimal experience, all customers work with our BluePrint team. The BluePrint team is responsible for on-boarding and implementing all of our solutions and sharing best practices to meet KPIs.


  • Strategy

    Our Blueprint team will help you define your primary use cases and KPIs to ensure proper rollout and business impact.

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  • Installation

    The Blueprint team will walk you through our simple install process, which is as easy as adding a single line of Javascript.

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  • Integration

    SaleMove plays nice with your existing internal technology. As part of your onboarding, the Blueprint team will guide you through integrating with the internal systems you rely on day in and day out.

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  • Launch

    You'll be fully prepared for Launch Day, with full support from the BluePrint team, as you prepare to begin offering a best-in-class customer experience with SaleMove.

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Customer Success

  • Training icon


    SaleMove’s platform is intuitive and easy to use, so operator training emphasizes role play and best practices.

  • Tactics icon


    As experts in customer engagement strategy with cross-industry experience, the Blueprint Team continuously provides coaching around engagement tactics to maximize business results.

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    We pride ourselves on the customer support we provide to our clients and the Blueprint team is readily available to assist with technical questions.

  • Results icon


    Above everything, our Blueprint team’s mission is to ensure that our customers are successful and seeing a return on their SaleMove investment.

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