The Ultimate Guide to CX Building

This comprehensive guide aims to provide the basic tips and concepts to get you started with building your unique customer experience (CX) plan.

No matter your product or company, you can apply these ideas quickly and efficiently.

The information presented here could be useful to a newcomer who is looking to learn about best practices for CX or a seasoned professional interested in the most cutting edge ideas to take their company to the next level. Each chapter can be read on its own as a mini-resource or sequentially as a book.

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Your CX Personality Quiz

Do you excel at being rational and open minded or are you more of a skilled conversationalist?

Are you hard working and precise, or more spontaneous and resourceful?

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While no one personality type is better than the other, each one comes with it’s own strengths and weaknesses. By taking this quiz, you can identify the strengths that drive your growth and zoom in on the weaknesses that could use some work. Fix up those vulnerabilities, and you’ll be on your way to providing the ideal customer experience in no time.

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